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A Little Fencing Math


  • Fencepostpounding.com is an authorized Kencove Farm Fence Dealer.
    • ​Everyone who pounds fence posts with us can get their fencing supplies at dealer cost with no mark up.
    • Materials MUST be paid for before they are ordered.
    • Materials will be shipped directly to you.
    • Go to Kencove.com for their online catalog.
  • We have a NEW page Fence Pricing Tool to help you estimate your fencing project!
  • There has been a change in operations. Lynelle was fired in the fall of 2017. Paul has stepped back in to the management position. Taking care of the home front along with farming and fencing was too much for her. Lynelle will still be working in the office but I want to enjoy my children a little more! 
  • ​We have put together a Amish Super Team to build fence. We will be working with them to make a GOOD QUALITY FENCE. Something we would be proud to put our names on.
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Post Pounding

Wennesheimer LLC

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Pounding Fence Posts since 2003 for Rotational Grazing Systems.

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How would you like to get a 365 day return on your investment? 

There are 8,760 hours in a year. How many hours are on your tractor? There are 6,500 hours on ours. It is eleven years old. So it has less than one years running time on it. What did it cost us to run it? Fuel, oil, and parts. What was the return on it. A good properly installed grazing system will give you a 8,760 hour return the first year. With a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

That's good fence.

Do you have good Fence?


Custom Fence Post Pounding for Rotational Grazing Systems. Located in Central Wisconsin to serve all of Wisconsin and neighboring states.

For all of your grazing questions please contact one of the Grazing Specialists in Wisconsin.

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Fencepostpounding.com Custom Fence Post Pounding For Rotational Grazing Systems.

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